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The lightspot Series of Yantai ChengYi Fitness equipment Co.,Ltd(Ⅰ)

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The Lightspot of outdoor fitness equipment:

Blanking Workshop:

     (1)  RAW MATERIAL:

a>Indoor storage, not easy to rust, to ensure product quality;

b>Strict control of floating rust degree, no more than 5%;


a>Numerical control; 

b>High cutting accuracy, Little error(0.01mm);

c>Booth steel sheet and pipe can be cut;

d>Less waste, reduce costs;

e>High efficiency, improve the production capacity.


(3)Cutting Material

a>Sawing machine: The equipment can make pipe section more beautiful, tidier and higher efficiency.


b>Cutting fluid: cool the pipe; prevent pipe rusting; clean up residues remaining in the pipe wall.

(4)Semi-finished products test

        a>Every procedure will be strict tested. The unqualified products will be returned to last procedure.



a>Digital bending machine: All the pipes can be bending between 27mm to 114mm in diameter.At the same time to ensure the pipe aesthetics and lubrication in bending, we coat with a layer of oil to the pipe surface.


a>All the iron parts are manufactured by our own company, such as axle, bushings, pedals, small seat and so on, It not only ensure the quality but alsoensure the order delivery date.

Next news,I will introduce the welding workshop.

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